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Premio Yo Creo – Universidad Latina & Premio Yo Emprendo - UNITEC



Premio Yo Creo-Universidad Latina (Universidad Latina – I Create Award) and Premio Yo Emprendo – UNITEC (UNITEC – I Am an Entrepreneur Award) provide Costa Rican and Honduran youth with a customized, culturally-relevant, and Spanish language-centered YouthActionNet® experience. These fellowships center around a leadership training course aimed at enhancing leadership and entrepreneurship skills as well as integration into an extensive national and international network of social entrepreneurs through the YouthActionNet® Global network. This personalized learning experience, together with a USD $2,500 award to their projects and ongoing mentoring support, will allow these impressive young leaders to deepen and expand their impact.

 Each year these programs will together:

  • Equip 10 young leaders with the knowledge skills, and abilities they need to bring about social change.

  • Increase the reach and impact of youth-led social change initiatives.

  • Facilitate learning and mentoring opportunities for participating youth.

  • Improve public understanding of the validity, power, and potential of youth-led social change by spotlighting the accomplishments of young social innovators.

Founded in 1987, Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana (UNITEC) promotes the entrepreneurial spirit of its 13,000 students. It operates three campuses located in Tegucigalpa and one in San Pedro de Sula.  At UNITEC, students pursue technical/vocational, undergraduate, and graduate degrees in Business, Communications, Engineering, and Information Technology.

In 2010, Universidad Latina (founded in 1979) and Universidad Interamericana de Costa Rica (founded in 1986) joined to become the new Universidad Latina. By combining the strengths and specialties of each institution, the new Universidad Latina de Costa Rica delivers degree programs to more than 30,000 students through 2 campuses and 8 regional sites in six provinces. Universidad Latina delivers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Architecture, Business Administration, Culinary Arts, Dentistry, Engineering, Education, Health Sciences, Humanities, Hospitality Management, Information Technology, Journalism, Law and Legal Studies, Medicine, Nursing and Public Relations.

The Sylvan/Laureate Foundation is a founding sponsor of both Premio Yo Creo – Universidad Latina and Premio Yo Emprendo – UNITEC.

Global Contact

Joel Adriance, Program Manager, YouthActionNet®
E-mail: j.adriance@iyfnet.org

Local Contacts

Costa Rica:
Lourdes Brizuela, Program Director, Premio Yo Creo – Universidad Latina E-mail:Lourdes.brizuela@laureate.cr

Honduras: Rene Gamero, Program Director, Premio Yo Emprendo – UNITEC, E-mail: Rgamero@unitec.edu